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# for take-off: 98


This week: Guest: Felix Antelo, President/CEO, Viva Air Colombia; The mask mandate extension; A look at new data on service and customer satisfaction; Listener question: “My wife didn’t board the plane, why did her bag still fly?”;...

# for take-off: 97


This week: A wide-ranging labor discussion with Jerry Glass, President/Founder, F&H Solutions Group; Covid variant alters recovery outlook; JetBlue’s inaugural flight to London; Spirit’s meltdown recovery process;  Listener...

# for take-off: 96


This week:  Chris Sloan talks Ghost Airports (Boo!); The Spirit operational meltdown; Copa Airlines Q2 results & competitive advantages; United’s Scott Kirby announces 100% employee vaccine requirement; The Frontier duct tape passenger...

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