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# for take-off: 161


This week: David Sunde, CEO/Co-Founder, Landline; Delta, United, American pilot negotiations; Alaska pilots sign new deal; Possible reasons for Allegiant’s 2 quarter losses; TSA turns 21 & brings on new tech; Listener Q: Catering usage of...

# for take-off: 160


This week: David Gunnarsson, CEO, Dohop; Positive earnings/projections; ITA Looks for new partnership Ryanair bets on Italy?; Scott Kirby says fuel/labor cost dooms LCC business model while Barry Biffle says Frontier will thrive; Listen Q:...

# for take-off: 159


This week: Chris Sloan reports on Routes World 2022 Las Vegas Conference; United, American, Alaska, strong Q2 results but what about costs? Wizz Air expands to Middle East; Hawaiian Airlines & Amazon team up; Listen Q: Are the more experienced...

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