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# for take-off: 158


This week: William Swelbar, Chief Industry Analyst, The Swelbar-Zhong Consultancy; Delta’s robust Q2; Fares are up-is the sky the limit?; AA-JetBlue court case & is EWR NYC? Listener Q: AA data breach? Thoughts on Alaska’s...

# for take-off: 157


This week: Charles Leocha, President & Co-Founder, Travelers United; Virgin drops London-Hong Kong; FAA raises minimum Flight Attendant rest period to 10 hours; FlyerRights files with FAA for minimum seat sizes; Listener Follow-up on Boarding...

# for take-off: 156


This week: Chris Sloan: Huge Expansion at Orlando International (MCO); Airline performance during Ira; BOOM shops for an engine; Listener Q: Economics of Delta insourcing M&R; Ticket cost difference between European and US credit card? Air...

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