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# for take-off: 56


This week: Will holiday travel demand return? First-ever Southwest layoffs? How long will passengers who refuse to wear a mask be banned from flying?  Passengers Behaving Badly…on Spirit; and is a Frontier pricing complaint Fine? or a Whine?

# for take-off: 55


This week: Lots o’ listener questions and corrections; Do emergency operations differ between airlines? The deal on Southwest at Love Field; Cousin Ross the pilot clears up some info on turbulence; Why is Delta still flying a 767-400? and a...

# for take-off: 54


This week: TSA one-day passenger count hits 1 million; Southwest breaking into United territory; A passenger behaves badly yelling and coughing on EasyJet; and in Fine or Whine, the passenger blames the pilot for turbulence.

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