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# for take-off: 40


This week: What does the new American/JetBlue partnership mean to you?; 3 passengers behave really badly; Listener question: How do airlines keep track of mentally ill pilots?; and a customer complaint-is it fine? or just a whine?

# for take-off: 39


This Week: JetBlue’s major West Coast service change; MIT study: Do your odds of dying from Covid-19 change if the middle seat is filled?  Passengers Behaving Badly:  1 with a gun. The other a US Senator; Listener question on credit...

# for take-off: 38


This week: Empty middle seats-Healthier or just marketing? 7000 literally take a trip to nowhere; Are seatback screens worth the cost to the airlines? A private jet lands in Italy and officials won’t let the American’s off – Fine...

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